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2011 Guangzhou wood paint product quality spot check results

recently, Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of quality and technical supervision conducted a supervision and spot check on the quality of wood paint products in the production field of the city, and a total of 22 batches of products produced by 21 enterprises were spot checked. After inspection, 7 batches of products of 7 enterprises did not meet the standard requirements

main unqualified items and situation analysis

1. Identification: six batches of products are unqualified in this spot check. It is mainly manifested in the lack of registered trademarks, product types, etc. The main reason for the unqualified packaging marks is that the enterprises do not pay attention to it and do not mark the product packaging marks in strict accordance with the requirements of product standards

2, flexibility, adhesion and gloss: two batches of products were unqualified in this spot check. From the inspection results, the adhesion of the two batches of products is very poor, which is the lowest level according to the standard rating. There is almost no adhesion, and the flexibility is also very poor, indicating that the product formula is very unreasonable. The unqualified gloss project also reflects the poor control ability of the enterprise over the formula and process of products

general knowledge of product purchase and use

when purchasing wood paint, consumers should recognize the marks on the commodity packaging, especially the name of the factory, address, executive standard, product type or quality grade, production date, expiration date and certification mark. Do not buy products with damaged or swollen packaging. After opening the packaging, obvious delamination, bottom caking and cementation are found, Do not use paint that is still uneven after mixing but with a large workbench. At the same time, be sure to buy products with construction instructions

That is, after three-stage cooling of hot water, warm water and cold water

secondly, consumers should also pay attention to wood paint as a chemical, which itself contains all kinds of volatile organic compounds and substances harmful to people that talk about the future development direction of medical materials. If it is within the limits specified by the state, it can be considered as environmentally qualified and safe to use. If it is excessive, it may endanger human health. Therefore, the identification of wood paint products used for interior decoration must have GB national mandatory standards and the names and limit indicators of harmful substances. This is an important indicator to ensure the safety of wood paint

2011 Guangzhou wood paint product quality supervision and spot check unqualified products and their enterprise list

nominal manufacturer

Product Name


model specification

production date/batch current number

comprehensive judgment

unqualified items

Guangzhou Jianguan coating Co., Ltd

NC bright clear finish

New shine




Guangzhou Sanben Co., Ltd

nitro paint

three books




Zengcheng Lixing chemical plant

408 nitro liangguangqing


408 1kg/can



Guangzhou Futian chemical industrial coating Co., Ltd.

"third generation" 2KPU wood varnish (matte)

Futian paint




Guangzhou beikeyin coating Co., Ltd.

Pu high-grade full matte white paint





Guangzhou ChuangJin Chemical Co., Ltd.


Special clear transparent primer


d2002 3kg/can


flexibility; Adhesion; Gloss

Guangzhou Qixing Chemical Co., Ltd.

high solid matte transparent topcoat




flexibility; Adhesion; Gloss; Mark

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