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Constraints on the design scheme of crane electrical design system

rookie has also introduced some encouraging policies. Lifting machinery is a special equipment used in ports, wharves, industrial and mining enterprises, freight yards, stockyards and other places for lifting and loading and unloading goods. With the continuous progress of science and technology, the electrical design and installation requirements of lifting machinery are also higher and higher. The electrical design requirements for different types of lifting machinery are also different. The establishment of electrical design scheme also involves all aspects, such as customer use requirements, on-site environmental constraints, electrical equipment installation process, mechanical manufacturing process, price factors, etc, May have more or less an effect on the establishment of the electrical design scheme. Next, I will briefly introduce the establishment of the electrical control scheme by stretching the specimen of the specified size to fracture

customer requirements

looking at the constraints of the design scheme, customer requirements are the most important and key factors. Because the testing speed is fast, when measuring, put the test piece vertically on the torque plate to do business for you. The customer is your God, and follow the principle that it is right for the customer to listen to the customer's requirements. Then, only on the basis of requirements can you make your plan, and finally determine whether to adopt the current design plan

price problem

because enterprises must make profits in order to survive. In today's fierce competition, although the profit is less, it is certain that your enterprise will do the products without profit? Speaking of price, it is a matter of both sides, the price of customers and the pricing of manufacturers. Customers want to spend the least money to buy the best products, while manufacturers want to make good products and maximize profits at the same time. Finally, only after both parties reach an agreement, can the scheme be established, such as what kind of control system should be adopted under the premise of maximizing profits in the functional equipment scheme

electrical technology mechanical technology problems

any equipment can be said to be a product of electromechanical integration. No product is a pure electrical combination, and no product is a pure mechanical composition. Therefore, we must cooperate closely with machinery in the electrical scheme design, especially when it comes to important parameters such as installation location and process requirements

the above brief description of the constraints on the establishment of the electrical design scheme, I hope to help you

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