The hottest nylon market is basically stable with

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The nylon market is basically stable supported by the cost of raw materials

supported by the high cost of raw material caprolactam, the nylon silk market is still stable, but the sales pressure has been clearly shown. The purchasing power of the downstream textile factory market is gradually reduced, the nylon inventory is increasing, and the capital precipitation is getting heavier and heavier

recently, the performance of short fibers in nylon market is better than that of filaments. Among filaments, FDY is the weakest, while DTY is stronger than POY and Hoy. Due to the recent good sales in DTY Market and no pressure on inventory, the manufacturer has a strong desire to raise prices, and the focus of the transaction moves upward. DTY 70d/24f is automatic shutdown yuan/ton, and DTY 30d/10f is yuan/ton. Lift the pendulum to the pre lifting angle position and lock it. POY and Hoy markets remain stable, and POY is slightly stronger than Hoy silk market. The market still maintains a certain demand. Before the year, the focus of the factory was to withdraw funds. POY 86d/24f was yuan/ton, and Hoy 40d/12f was yuan/ton. The weakest performance of FDY is due to the weak sales of downstream cloth factories. Under the resistance of the downstream, the prices of some of its products, which are prone to problems of fatigue testing machines, have weakened. FDY 70d/24f is yuan/ton, and FDY 40d/12f is yuan/ton

the nylon staple fiber market with good performance has also weakened recently due to the reduced demand of downstream non-woven fabric users, but the market quotation remains at the original level, and the price of 1.5d*38mm is stable at yuan/ton

looking at the nylon Market in general, at a time when the Spring Festival is getting closer and closer, the fluctuations of the international crude oil and pure benzene market have cast a shadow on the smooth running nylon market, making the market popular about the advantages and applications of universal machines? However, caprolactam still provides strong cost support to the nylon market, making some varieties of DTY and POY willing to make up for the rise. It is expected that the nylon market will maintain its current operating trend in the future

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