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The third national ink manufacturers' conference will be held soon. At present, China is still the fastest growing ink market in the world. In 2008, the official statistics showed that the total ink production in China was about 395000 tons. While the ink production and sales in Japan, the United States and Europe declined to varying degrees due to the impact of the financial crisis, China still maintained a strong growth

with the continuous improvement of national regulations and standards, the yield of the assembly line has been improved. The domestic packaging and printing industry has increasingly strict requirements for environmental protection. Green inks represented by alcohol soluble inks, water-based inks, UV inks and vegetable oil inks have gradually been accepted by the market and become emerging products with rapid development and bright future. Although the current market share is less than 10%, experts predict that the market share of green ink will increase at a rate of more than 30% per year, and the prospect is very broad

the first national ink raw material suppliers' conference was held in Shanghai in May2008. The response of the industry was strong, attracting more than 150 professionals from all fields of the ink industry. With the theme of the road to environmental protection, the conference launched a warm exchange on the development prospects of green ink in China, and set up an important platform for communication and cooperation between upstream and downstream enterprises in the ink industry chain. The conference integrates the third national ink manufacturers' conference in 2009, the second national ink raw materials suppliers' conference in 2009, and the 2009 National ink raw materials and equipment trade fair. With the theme of green procurement: scale creates benefits, the conference organized dozens of large and medium-sized ink enterprises with industry representatives to come to China and implement joint procurement at the same time of technical exchange, In order to further reduce the cost of green production, five samples with a width of 50mm and a length of 350mm allow more enterprises to share the benefits of environmental protection

sponsor: China ink information

co organizer: national ink manufacturers green alliance

organizer: Shanghai Zhuoyi culture and Art Development Co., Ltd. China green ink Alliance Development Co., Ltd.

supporter: it can make the hair look comfortable after use. Natural country Packaging Federation Packaging and printing professional committee, gravure branch of China Printing Technology Association, radiation curing Professional Committee of China Photographic Society International Food Packaging Association

meeting time: November 4-6, 2009

meeting place: Hangzhou Zhijiang Hotel (four-star)

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