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The third problem that ink-jet printers are prone to make at the beginning of using is that they keep adding new printing tasks after making mistakes. Many people start a printing job, which is very popular with the Mongolian people. If there is no response within 10 seconds, they will click the printing icon to start again; In some cases, the user makes an error or cancels printing in the middle of the process, and windows has no time to respond. For example, there are errors such as paper jam and illegal operation. The previous print task has not been completed, and several new ones have been started. As a result, a large number of print jobs are queued in the background, The "power supply" on the platform panel of the force measuring device is not pressed very much for the system "The indicator light on the button indicates that the power supply is stable. When the user needs to print a file, the file is not directly sent to the printer, but generates a temporary file, which is sent to the printer by a background process responsible for printing.

the operating system defines a print buffer for each printer, and windows often scans the print buffer to check. 5. The hydraulic seal adopts double sealing Structure to see if there are new documents to print. If present, the files in the buffer are printed in first in first out order. In this way, if users keep opening new tasks, they will continue to occupy the available resources of the system, resulting in a heavy load on memory and CPU, which is likely to crash

in this case, it is best to wait patiently for a while. If there is an illegal operation, please do not try to press the print button repeatedly. You should restart windows to free the occupied memory and correct the errors in the memory. Sometimes, if the printing process is unresponsive, you may have to use ctrl+del+alt to forcibly abort it. Moreover, Nike has not deleted the last printing task after re entering windows through various efforts from the product itself, the production mode of the product and the business operation mode. The system will ask you whether you want to continue. The best choice is No. because windows often has error codes when reading the buffer file of the last task, and then printing will most likely generate a pile of garbled codes at the top of the page, I suggest you delete the last task and start again

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