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How to embark on the road of easy home decoration? Home decoration is closely linked. From the preparation before construction to the acceptance after completion, the business can do a good job of decoration step by step. Today, Xiaobian has listed the 17 most detailed steps of the home decoration process for you, so that you can master some simple construction processes and embark on the road of twice the result with half the effort

(I) tools in place and ready

before decoration, several things that must be prepared are put in your bag

tape measure (buy 5m, not 3M), calculator, large board clamp (for sheets and receipts); In addition, it is best to prepare old towels (soft cotton ones, used to wipe bricks after sticking bricks) and plastic bags (wrapped around the pipe interface to prevent dirt blockage) at the construction site in advance

(II) choose a auspicious day and start shooting

before the workers enter the site, it is best to measure the corners of the home personally, take a pen and ruler, write it down, mark it clearly, and be sure not to be lazy

specify the area involved in the decoration process. In particular, the tiling area, wall paint area, wallpaper area and floor area; Specify the main wall dimensions. Especially in the future, we need to design the wall size of furniture

(III) main body demolition and renovation to make the space more practical

main body demolition and renovation is the first project, mainly including wall demolition, wall building, wall peeling, heating (North), plastic steel window replacement, etc

the demolished and modified garbage should be cleaned out in time to ensure indoor cleanliness, which is also for the convenience of construction

at this time, it is time to fix the finished door

at this time, it's best to browse through the cabinets, range hoods, stoves and water heaters, and try to make sure

(IV) Hydropower transformation, arrange the use of each space

hydropower transformation, there is no regret medicine to eat. Once the wall and ceiling are sealed, it is difficult to add sockets

therefore, the exact positions of switches, lamps, basins, bathtubs, washing machines, etc. must be determined

before the water and electricity transformation, the cabinet designer should come to the door for the first measurement to help you determine the transformation plan of power supply and waterway

for the water heater, you'd better send someone to design the position of the power supply and the water supply and drainage interface according to the model you determine

* remind you: on the wall under the basin, it's best to leave a power socket for the convenience of installing kitchen treasures

* put the air conditioning hole and power supply on the wall at the head of the bed as far as possible to avoid the air conditioning blowing directly at people in the future

* a distance of 20 cm should be kept between strong and weak current. For example, a distance of 20 cm should be left between socket and network cable




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