Decoration pollution control helper

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Decoration pollution control helper

air purifier] the air purifier is the most efficient of all decoration pollution control products, but it can not control the pollution source, and only solves the pollution problem of volatilization into the air. The limitations are obvious. It is useful when starting up and useless when shutting down


the purchase price of the whole machine ranges from 1980-3980 yuan/set, and it should be turned on from time to time during treatment

the rental price ranges from 10-30 yuan/day/set. Generally, rent for 1-3 months

rent vs complete machine. Which is cost-effective? Due to the useless problem of shutdown and the long-term process of pollution control, it is recommended to buy a complete machine if the pollution at home is indeed serious after detection

[formaldehyde trapping agent]

a transparent colorless and non-toxic aqueous solvent, which can react with formaldehyde left in decorative materials for a long time. Directly brush or spray on the surface of wood products such as artificial boards


as an additive for coatings. The paint with photocatalyst can effectively decompose and eliminate indoor formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia and other harmful gases after brushing. Used during decoration construction


it is mainly used to remove benzene homologues in the paint of home furnishings. Directly spray paint the furniture or floor surface, and gently polish it with a clean soft cloth or sponge after it is dry

[formaldehyde testing agent]

the chemical reagent in the formaldehyde rapid detection box can react with formaldehyde in the air to produce purplish red compounds, and directly judge the formaldehyde content in the air through the color depth





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