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The weather is muggy, when poisonous insects, snakes and ants appear and disappear. Brother Big reminds readers that if you encounter snakes outside, especially poisonous snakes, you must not drive them away by yourself, call the police quickly for help, and once bitten by snakes, send them to hospital immediately

­ At 4:20 p.m. yesterday, Quangang Nanpu fire fighting squadron received an alarm. In a new residential building behind the ocean company in Xiaocuo village, Nanpu Town, someone was bitten by a poisonous snake. People have been sent to the hospital, and the snake is still on the scene

­ After arriving at the scene, the firefighters learned that the bitten person had been sent to the hospital by 120, but he had died

­ The firemen captured the poisonous snake with tools and handed it over to the public security department for disposal

­ Scene video

­ The fire officers and soldiers observed at the scene that the snake had a triangular head, was black all over, was two meters long by visual inspection, and had been spitting out messages, which was very aggressive

­ People familiar with the matter said that the man was a decorator from Guibi, Fengwei Town, Quangang. He was employed to decorate Xianfeng village, Nanpu Town, Quangang. However, according to some witnesses, he was not bitten by a poisonous snake, but sprayed with venom

­ Director Zhang of Xianfeng village said that after receiving a call from the film police yesterday, it was more than 5 p.m. when she arrived at the scene. At that time, the person was dead, but the on-site staff did not find a wound on him. According to the villagers, he fainted after being sprayed with venom and died after being sent to the hospital

­ At present, the family members are negotiating with the landlord to deal with this matter

­ The incident is still under further investigation

­ Snake prevention tips

­ How to prevent snakes in residential houses in summer

­ ① do not build “ Summer resort ”, It is not suitable to plant a large number of plants at home or around. Snakes generally look for cool plants to spend the summer in summer

­ ② when the doors and windows of the home are open, try to isolate them with screens and curtains

­ ③ snakes are afraid of substances with pungent smell, especially chemical agents, such as alcohol, tobacco, realgar, sulfur, etc., which can be sprinkled behind the front door and by the sewer

­ What if snakes break into houses

­ ① walking is the best policy. Snakes generally do not take the initiative to attack people unless they think they are threatened, so when encountering snakes, especially poisonous snakes, do not disturb them, but avoid their attention and slowly retreat to a safe area

­ ② don't drive by yourself. Don't drive or catch by yourself with a stick. In case of being chased by a snake, run a curve

­ ③ catch snakes in the urn. In case of uncertainty about the toxicity and danger of the snake, the personnel evacuated the house in time, closed the doors and windows of the house, trapped the snake in the house to prevent it from fleeing outdoors, and quickly dialed 119 to wait for millet to catch and deal with it

­ If unfortunately bitten by a snake, how to deal with it urgently

­ ① clean with clean water, or hydrogen peroxide, potassium permanganate solution, soapy water, light salt water

­ ② ligate the wound 3.3~9.9 cm near the heart with a hemostatic bandage. Prevent the venom from flowing upward into the aorta

­ ③ cut the skin between the two tooth marks with a disinfected knife, and try to squeeze the poison out or suck it out

­ ④ go to the hospital for treatment immediately




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