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LabVIEW World Conference sincerely invites all Yinghao

in April 2010, the first global Chinese LabVIEW developer competition of LabVIEW World Conference, jointly hosted by National Instruments (Ni) and GSDZONE, a LabVIEW developer community, was recently launched worldwide, which was presented by many well-known stations at home and abroad, such as measurement and testing world, China industrial control, etc. This activity aims to promote LabVIEW enthusiasts to exchange development experience and learn programming technology

labview world club has a development group and an application group respectively, striving to more comprehensively reflect the level of LabVIEW mastery of contestants. The development team focuses on lab. we will make greater efforts to compete for the programming skills of view, follow the popular form of audition semi-finals, and finally decide the champion in the Shanghai station of NIDays 2010 Global graphical system design event in November. The application group and the 11th ni virtual instrument technology application scheme prize essay competition focus on encouraging the innovation of LabVIEW application. In the past 10 years, many excellent LabVIEW application cases have stood out from the essay competition and have a high level of technical application. The application group competition will be summarized and selected from March to July. What is the market size of automotive carbon fiber composites after 10 years for the finalists? The thesis will be written in August and the final will be held. Participants are free to choose to participate in one of the two groups or both. The winners will be invited to participate in the activities of the Shanghai station of the NIDays 2010 Global graphical system design event, and have more opportunities to go to the United States to participate in the global technology event niweek. They will have close exchanges with LabVIEW developers around the world and win rich bonuses and gifts

labview World Expo registration has been launched in Chinese Mainland, Taiwan, Singapore and other countries and regions. Please log in. A: 0.75% and 1.5% respectively

since the first LabVIEW was launched in 1986, the graphical programming method of LabVIEW has completely changed the development of test, measurement and control applications. The release of LabVIEW in simplified Chinese in 2006 has greatly lowered the threshold for Chinese engineers to use this efficient tool. In order to help Chinese engineers and students master the skills of using LabVIEW, Ni has long been committed to the sharing and exchange of LabVIEW technology. In addition to colorful competitions, it has also held various LabVIEW seminar activities and hands-on courses, including the recent LabVIEW Developer Forum tour seminar, for details, see


is the first graphical system design (GSD) portal in China, which provides a platform for engineers, teaching workers and students in various industries to obtain information, exchange and share successful experiences. The special teaching area set up by the station provides rich teaching resources for teachers and students in school. LabVIEW developer community is the largest LabVIEW enthusiast aggregation platform in China at present. Through BBS, libraries, teaching buildings, blogs and other forms, it is for the majority of LabVIEW enthusiasts to study and communicate as if they were on campus. Please visit for more information

about Ni

for more than 30 years, National Instruments Corporation (Ni) has helped engineers and scientists in the fields of testing, control and design solve various challenges encountered in the process from design, prototype to release. Through readily available software, such as LabVIEW, and cost-effective modular hardware, Ni helps engineers in various fields continue to innovate and effectively reduce development costs while shortening the time of product availability. Today, Ni offers a variety of application options to 30000 different customers all over the world. Ni is headquartered in Austin, Texas, with branches in 40 countries and more than 5000 employees. For the past 11 consecutive years, Fortune magazine ranked Ni as one of the 100 companies most suitable for work in the United States. As one of the largest overseas branches, Ni China has perfect product sales, technical support, after-sales service and a strong R & D team. Please visit or call to learn more about the professional products and services that Ni requires that the materials used for packaging must be degradable and recyclable

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