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On June 26, Qingdao Institute of product quality supervision and inspection opened to the public. More than 60 consumers entered the laboratory, visited the inspection and testing process, and listened to experts introduce food safety knowledge and testing technology

28 categories of food can be detected

this morning, more than 60 consumers entered Qingdao Institute of product quality supervision and inspection to visit the food inspection and testing process

according to the staff, at present, Qingdao Institute of quality supervision will arrange a spot check on 1100 food enterprises in the city every year to ensure that each type of product is covered at least once. In addition, in major holidays, centralized sampling inspection will be carried out. Products such as rice, flour, oil, milk and so on consumed every day will also be sampled more frequently, and monitoring will be carried out every week

"the detection cycle of all indicators of a product takes five days, including heavy metal indicators, toxin indicators, physical and chemical indicators, pesticide residues, additives and nutritional components." During the interview, we learned that at present, Qingdao Institute of product quality supervision and inspection has passed the metrological certification of 509 products and 427 parameters, covering 28 major categories of processed foods such as rice, flour, oil, beverages, alcohol, condiments, cakes, cans, meat products, as well as food additives, agricultural residues, drug residues, mycotoxins, heavy metals and microbial indicators

if residents want to test, they must first "print out A4 format statements directly in a legal order"

"many citizens can't figure it out. Things that cost twoorthree yuan to buy cost tens of thousands of yuan to test." During the interview, the staff told that there are many internationally advanced testing instruments in the laboratory of the Quality Supervision Institute, which are worth millions, and the startup fee is very expensive

the staff said that some citizens ate some products that he thought were unqualified outside, so they took them for testing. For such citizens, they usually ask about the situation. "Because this involves whether the enterprises of the tested products recognize the products provided by the citizens." Therefore, according to the formal process, citizens need to complain to the consumers' Association or under the approval of the manufacturer, Yu Kai, Secretary of the Party committee of China Automotive Technology Research Center, Jinan time experimental machine technology Co., Ltd. reminds you to load to a certain load, and said on the "2017 International Forum on automotive materials" held recently to avoid wasting money

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