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Labthink Languang global Tour Lecture entered Anhui

on July 30, 2008, the 2008labthink Languang global tour lecture on packaging safety and testing technology entered Anhui. More than 50 professionals from quality inspection institutions, colleges and universities across Anhui, as well as pharmaceutical, food, packaging, printing, tire and other industries attended the Tour Lecture in Hefei

with the rapid development of packaging industry, Anhui testing institutions at all levels, professional colleges and enterprises are paying more attention to packaging quality testing to reduce the pressure control caused by excess capacity of end products, which requires a lot of investment. Many departments and enterprises have or are preparing to build their own packaging testing laboratories, The participants gave full affirmation and high praise to LAN Guang for popularizing the inspection knowledge of Bao BASF, the largest foreign investor in China's chemical industry, in the form of this tour lecture, and further established the brand image of LAN Guang's professional depth and technological innovation

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