The hottest label sales in Shenzhen increased to 1

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At the recent conference on rectifying and standardizing the order of the alcohol market economy, Shenzhen will increase the number of alcohol varieties for labeling sales to 10 in the second half of this year on the basis of the original labeling sales of 6 domestic famous wines

it is understood that Shenzhen has implemented labeling sales management for alcohol since the end of 1999. The existing six domestic famous wines with labeling sales qualifications are Maotai liquor, Wuliangye, Jiugui Liquor, Jiannanchun, Luzhou Laojiao and Shuijingfang. The four varieties to be added in the second half of this year are xiaomuduxian wine series, Gu mianchun, Quanxing Daqu and Taishan Tequ

a relevant person from the Shenzhen alcohol monopoly management office said that the labeling sales management of alcohol is a powerful measure to prevent fake and shoddy liquor from entering the market. The alcohol that has obtained the label sales qualification must be pasted with an anti-counterfeiting sign before entering the market. This sign is printed with a password and has the most important anti-counterfeiting demonstration projects, such as timely capture of more accurate information. The provincial finance gives a certain amount of financial support to the selected demonstration projects, and it is printed by a special "fragile paper", which can be torn and broken and can no longer be pasted

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