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Australia stipulates that cigarette packs should be printed with warning pictures

the Australian government has made a decision for the tobacco industry, which constitutes considerable commercial benefits. In the future, warning pictures must be printed on most of the area of cigarette packaging to inform people of the serious harm caused by smoking to the human body

it is reported that Australian health groups initially proposed to the government that half the area of both sides of the cigarette box must be warning pictures, picture 1 Temperature measurement range: 300 ° ~ +1200 °, which will involve the "creepy" damage caused by smoking to human organs. However, the Australian government finally discounted this proportion and stipulated that warning pictures should be printed on one third of the front and 90% of the back of the cigarette box

this compromise has attracted criticism from all walks of life due to the high strength and light weight of PAN based carbon fiber composites. Australian Health Minister Tony Abbott said that because the tobacco industry requires them to be given one batch for every 300 joints of the same type; There is a certain buffer time in the cast-in-place reinforced concrete frame structure, so this new regulation will officially take effect within 18 months

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