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It is not easy to apply anticorrosive paint to large steel pipes with automatic coating production line. This is not only a test of workers' labor intensity and physical quality, but also a business that depends on heaven: workers carry large steel pipes with thick masks, subject to flying dust and pungent smell of paint solvent, operate sand blasting and derusting, and apply anticorrosive paint to steel members again and again, Then dry it in the sun to form a film, and all processes need to be operated in the open air. Even in some developed countries abroad, large steel pipes are coated with anti-corrosion paint

it was learned yesterday that an enterprise engaged in anti-corrosion engineering in Beilun, Ningbo, designed a world's most advanced large-scale automatic coating production line for anti-corrosion coating of steel pipes, moved the whole operation indoors, and realized the automatic operation. The new trade agreement was named the United States Mexico Canada agreement (usmca) operation, and front-line workers no longer need to work with masks

it was seen at the scene that a steel pipe with a length of more than 12 meters and a diameter of nearly 1 meter was covered with red rust, which entered the nearly 100 meter long fully automatic operation tunnel through the transmission channel. After cleaning, expediting, shot blasting, dust removal, preheating, painting, drying, finished products and other processes, it soon degenerated into a large anti-corrosion steel pipe exported abroad

it is understood that the automatic coating project of large steel pipe anti-corrosion coating began to be developed in 2006. After three later years of operation or more cautious years of development, at the end of last year, this automatic coating production line was put into trial operation and obtained more than 10 issued and utility model patents authorized by the State Intellectual Property Office

in this enterprise, we can no longer smell the pungent smell of paint in the general anti-corrosion painting site. When painting by hand, in order to make the paint dissolve evenly, organic solvents with pungent taste must be mixed. Now the machine operation can make the paint painted on the steel pipe uniform and smooth, so they all use solvent-free paint. A staff member of the production line said that the steel pipe coating, which used to take 7 days to complete, can now be completed in only 1 hour

nowadays, large steel pipes are used in wharves, marine engineering and municipal engineering, and the anti-corrosion process and technical requirements for large steel pipes in China, such as Hangzhou Bay sea crossing bridge, are quite strict. The significance of this project can be imagined

since November last year, Beilun has undertaken many projects from Rio Tinto and Meier in Australia, such as wharf steel pipe pile corrosion prevention and submarine oil pipeline corrosion prevention, if they want to debug the 5th or 6th gear of guobaikede engineering company

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