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The labor contract law should be connected with the law on the prevention and control of occupational diseases

the 27th meeting of the Standing Committee of the Tenth National People's Congress not only considered the draft labor contract law in groups in line with the market this morning, but also considered it for the third time. The members of the Standing Committee believed that after the previous two deliberations, the draft labor contract law had a total construction area of 37200 square meters, and the provisions on the performance of labor contracts were relatively comprehensive and objective, which also fully reflected the rights and obligations of both employers and workers, and was in line with the current actual situation in China. It was suggested that it should be adopted as soon as possible after this deliberation and amendment

member Zhu Xiangyuan believed that the draft of the labor contract law was revised relatively well this time, but the draft lacked provisions on occupational disease prevention and related protective measures. The relevant provisions of the promulgated law on the prevention and control of occupational diseases in the practice of various labor contract texts, most of which can not show the experimental curve in real time. In formulating the labor contract law this time, it is suggested to write the issue of occupational diseases into the draft, Add Item 9 after item 8 "labor protection and working conditions" in Article 17 of Chapter 2 "conclusion of labor contract", change Item 9 into item 10, and add an "occupational hazards and protective measures", so as to clearly conclude the occupational diseases and protective measures that workers may encounter in the labor contract, so as to link up with the occupational disease prevention and control law

Members Fang Xin, Li Honggui and Xu Rongkai all believe that the incidence rate of some occupational diseases is quite high in state-owned, private and foreign-funded enterprises. Some employing units ignore the living conditions of workers, especially some units also employ temporary workers and contract workers to engage in labor that is harmful to their health. After the labor is completed, they get rid of them and do not inform them of the occupational disease hazards in their work positions. If this point is not mentioned in the labor contract law, it will be more difficult to implement the occupational disease prevention law

some other members believed that the labor contract law should not become a tilted law. Zeng Xianzi said that the labor contract is signed by both labor and capital, which should protect the interests of both workers and those who hire workers. When we formulate the labor contract law, we should take into account the interests of all parties and protect the rights and interests of all parties. Member Ni Yuefeng also suggested that the legislative purpose of Article 1 of the draft should be changed from "protecting the legitimate rights and interests of workers" to "protecting the legitimate rights and interests of workers and employers"

pay attention to the new revision of the draft labor contract law

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