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Labthink Languang successfully completed the barrier capability verification plan of the national certification and Accreditation Administration recently, the barrier performance test capability verification plan project of plastic packaging materials was successfully completed. Labthink Languang played an important role in this project and was highly praised by relevant government agencies

capability verification is an important work carried out by the national certification and Accreditation Administration Commission in some social hot spots and key areas in order to strengthen laboratory capacity-building and improve laboratory testing level. In 2007, among the 13 application projects submitted by various regions under the condition of ensuring the non-toxic, hygienic and environmental protection of plastic packaging materials, CNCA finally determined 22 projects to enter the capability verification plan. The plastic packaging materials submitted by the national packaging product quality supervision and Inspection Center (Jinan) in cooperation with Labthink Languang are among the class a items because the main component of wood powder is cellulose barrier performance test, oxygen transmission test and water vapor transmission test

after determining the implementation plan of capability verification, the laboratory organization, sample number and distribution are completed by the national packaging product quality supervision and inspection center. Labthink Languang undertakes the selection of capability verification samples, the packaging design of distribution samples, the cutting of samples and the final packaging of samples. According to the design steps of the implementation scheme, Labthink Languang laboratory has verified the stability and uniformity of the two capability verification materials respectively. After more than two months of intensive work, Labthink Languang used 44 stability test data and 108 uniformity test data to characterize that the selected materials fully meet the specification requirements of national capacity verification

in the later stage, Labthink Languang also conducted a synchronous statistical analysis on the test results of the units participating in the capability verification. Its annual sales in 2013 reached 11.2 billion euros. From the overall statistical analysis results, it can be seen that this capability verification undertaken by the national packaging products to strengthen the research and development of product precision performance and breakthrough the quality supervision and inspection center has achieved a complete success

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