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With the ambitious new beverage company entering the market with low-cost products, Coca Cola company is facing increasingly fierce competition in Mexico. By putting new packaging on the market and providing consumers with more choices, coke bottling manufacturers have successfully defended their position

as the main supplier of PET blow molding bottles in Mexico, Zapata envases continuously invests in world-class equipment to meet the changing needs of customers, including Coca Cola, its largest customer. In order to achieve the highest industry production standards, Zapata envases relies on the label rolling machine provided by B H labeling system company to maximize the flexibility and efficiency of production while producing the highest quality PET bottles, so as to reduce costs

segio alardin, director of pet Commerce Department of Zapata envases, explained: "Before bigcola and e1gallo, the two major beverage companies in South America, launched 2 or 5-liter beverage bottles in Mexico last year, Coca Cola and Pepsi needed beverage bottles with a maximum capacity of 2 liters. Suddenly, Coca Cola asked us to add another 2.5-liter beverage bottle and a 3-liter beverage bottle, as well as several other bottles with different capacities, trying to fully cover the product range. We used to produce 30 different PET bottles, but now we have to change them It has become 55 different PET bottles "

this situation makes Zapata envases feel great pressure, and it is necessary to reconfigure the equipment as soon as possible. Relying on the support of suppliers side and b h, the company can easily meet this challenge. Zapata envases operates eight Sidel blow molding machines in its factory in Mexico, which are used in conjunction with eight B H labeling machines. Alardin commented: "The service we received from BH is impressive. Compared with other manufacturers, they provide components and tooling configurations for our new packaging bottles with a fairly fast response speed.

the bh8000s labeling machine used by Zapata envases is designed for containers from 220 mL to 3 L. it is fast to change and adjust, and can minimize downtime. As long as you replace a few components and make a few mechanical adjustments, the operator only needs to change a few parts When the clamp is in place, select the parameters of the container from the control panel, press the button once, and the vacuum cylinder, cutting cylinder, glue brushing machine and anode label control are automatically set. Reprogramming the timing position of the machine through the on-board computer reduces the difficulty of conversion and adjustment, and ensures that the labeling function operates in the best state

Alardin explained, "our workers work 24 hours a day in two shifts, 7 days a week. The process of changing and adjusting the type of beverage bottles has a direct impact on productivity. We try to run continuously for at least a week without changing, but because many customers' inventory is not sufficient, as long as customers tell us that there is an urgent need, we supply goods. Sometimes we have to change and adjust the packaging line only after 24 hours of production.

"In order to meet the needs of carbonated soft drink bottlers and drinking water bottlers, the three pet factories under zapataenvases produce a total of about 300million preforms and 2.5 billion PET bottles per month. The market is growing at a rate of 15% - 18% per year, especially in peak seasons, and the demand will jump by 20%. And this growth is expected to continue, which puts a lot of pressure on our production before doing material experiments.

b h labeling machine is suitable." For continuous use, drive arrangement with low maintenance requirements, accurate cutting system and accurate glue brushing system. Alardin explained, "when the production is at full load, it is difficult to arrange the strain to produce elastic buckling for operator training, so it is critical to have easy-to-learn and easy-to-use equipment. We have a good experience using BH. The 8000 model is easy to operate and can ensure excellent efficiency. We have no problem using this technology, and its service life is as long as 10 ~ 30 years."

over the years, alardin has used many kinds of labeling machines, including labeling machines and labeling machines from other suppliers. "We found that B H's labeling machine is more reliable, more versatile and has more normal working hours." Alardin said, "the quality standards are set by the Coca Cola company, which represents the highest standards in the industry. About 60% of our bottles will be supplied to Coca Cola, but all our packaging bottles can meet these highest standards. We need to produce good packaging bottles, high-quality label materials, and we need to complete the labeling operation with accurate overprinting and accurate label positioning."

Every label machine of

b h has a patented computer image overprint system, which can truly eliminate the inaccurate label overprint common in the mechanical system, and produce the highest quality label containers with simple operation. The combination of airborne computer and advanced electromechanical system provides infinite possibility of black line change on the back. The sensor can detect the changes of trademark parameters, and can automatically make the required adjustments without reducing the speed of labeling or stopping the movement of labeling

labeling function can handle a variety of label film materials with different processing properties. In response to the emergence of a large number of label materials such as polyethylene, polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride and transparent polystyrene, the labeling machine developed by BH has expanded the machine operation window. Reduce downtime caused by labeling control by half

zapata envases currently produces 55 different PET bottles at its plant in Mexico City, but more than 200 labels are attached to these bottles. "The irregularity of label materials may be a problem. It is important that our labeling function adapt to this change," he said B H labeling machine has proved to be very reliable, so it naturally becomes the choice of zapataenvases device, making beautiful labeling containers, so that coke and other products can achieve the required display attraction

other blow molding manufacturers are reducing product prices, but Zapata envases is different. They also invest while reducing costs. In this huge market that fluctuates greatly and often changes with the season, Zapata envases wants to maintain its responsiveness to many consumers through investment. Wood flour must be dried before filling. Mexicans can consume 151 cola, which is now the highest in the world, and 58% of carbonated soft drinks are packaged in PET bottles. Zapata envases is facing huge market opportunities

Generally, the oil source is embedded into the host. Alardin concluded, "over the years, the market has become mature and efficient. Customers have put forward more requirements for us in terms of quality and responsiveness. In fact, in order to reduce freight, we are trying to blow molding in customers' factories." It is this dedicated technology investment and services that make Zapata envases competitive in a changing industry

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