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Ningbo "laid-off" transformers will be "re employed" in other places

with the rumble, the train loaded with the first batch of 19 small and medium-sized retired distribution transformers of Zhejiang Ningbo power supply company will set off smoothly to Zhongwei and Guyuan in Ningxia, and they will realize "re employment" in new jobs. This is the third year that the company has carried out the inter provincial deployment of retired materials, which can effectively solve the problems of heavy load and low voltage in areas with weak electricity

with the continuous improvement of rural electrification level in Ningbo, the demand for electricity increases, which puts forward higher requirements for the capacity of transformers. Many transformers are forced to be "laid off" after a short period of "on duty". Zhejiang Ningbo power supply company resolutely implements the principle that "the awakened resources may bring about a sharp drop in capital, which is the best quality resource". It adopts the method of "centralized recycling, unified treatment and classified entry", carries out professional technical appraisal on the retired equipment, and divides it into two categories: scrap and reuse according to the service life and equipment status. The reused equipment is filled in and put into storage after maintenance, waiting for the unified allocation of the national company, Promote the revitalization of stock assets to the letter. From 2017 to 2019, it can also be used for other low-temperature detection and experimental work years. The company deployed a total of 60 equipment, which is worth more than 5million yuan for two times

for areas with weak electricity, energy-saving transformers with moderate capacity can effectively meet electricity demand. Wei Jie, a full-time worker in the transportation Inspection Department of Ningbo power supply company in Zhejiang Province, said, "it takes about 60000 to 80000 yuan to buy a new small and medium-sized transformer. Using retired equipment only costs very little maintenance fees and transportation costs. On average, one can save about 55000 yuan. In the long run, it will be of great help to enterprises in cost saving."

this trans provincial transfer can be tested by tensile test. It is the first time that Zhejiang province adopts the way of railway freight transportation to transport distribution equipment, which saves about 50000 yuan in freight compared with highway transportation. Due to the long distance, many equipment and long transportation cycle, Zhejiang Ningbo power supply company has repeatedly discussed the transportation plan with the railway department to overcome the epidemic situation, vehicle types and other difficulties. Finally, it chose multiple fixed methods in the container to ensure that it is stable and does not shake during transportation and ensure the safe arrival of equipment

it is reported that the second batch of 11 small and medium capacity distribution transformers this year will be transferred to Jinggangshan and other places in Jiangxi Province in the near future. This not only reduces the cost of electricity construction in areas with weak electricity, but also maximizes the value of equipment, and vigorously promotes the optimization of resource allocation, revitalization of stock, cost reduction and efficiency increase

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