How to identify genuine and fake Tsingtao Beer

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How to identify genuine and fake Tsingtao beer

the "3 high" performance beer with high melt index, high modulus and high impact is produced by Shandong Qingdao Brewery. In 1979, it was rated as a national famous wine at the third national wine tasting. In 1985, it won the National Gold Award for high quality food

genuine features:

(1) bottle sticker: overprint is accurate, clear, pure color and luster

(2) bottle cap: the color of iron printing pattern is clear and firm, and it is lined with injection molding gasket

(3) bottle body: standard bottle shape sliding shoulder, and the bottle body has the trademark of Sanhuan brand

(4) quality: the liquor is clear and transparent, light golden yellow, with rich, delicate, white and lasting foam, sufficient carbon dioxide, soft and refreshing

fake features: that is, avoid the occurrence of melt fracture by the shrinkage range. The dimensional tolerance of plastic forming parts should be larger by 1.

(1) bottle sticker: incorrect overprint, Matt, rough printing, and rough edges

(2) bottle cap: the iron printing pattern is fuzzy. Our standards are different for different tests. The color is easy to fall off, and the film gasket is used inside

(3) bottle body: mixed bottle types, no unified mark

(4) quality: deep color, less foam, impurities and sediment

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