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Talking about the status and role of gas protection station in iron and steel enterprises

the author has found in the safety management of iron and steel enterprises for many years that some people in the enterprise, especially some individual leaders, do not fully understand the responsibilities of gas protection station, and often arrange some work that should belong to the power department to the gas protection station in their daily work. They believe that all things related to gas should be managed or operated by the gas protection station, such as "the pressure and leakage test of gas pipes, the pressure maintenance of gas pipes, the purging of gas pipes, the organization and operation of stopping the delivery of gas, the water addition and drainage of gas pipe drainers, the daily spot inspection of gas pipes, etc." these works, which are originally the responsibility of the gas operation management unit, are assigned to the gas protection station in some companies. The consequence of this is that the departments and units of the gas protection station have avoided leisure and failed to fulfill their duties. The gas protection station has virtually increased the workload of non duties, and cannot concentrate on completing the work of the gas protection station. To a certain extent, it cannot give full play to its functions, which has a very adverse impact on the gas safety management of the whole company, and is a major safety hazard in safety management. In this regard, the author talks about his own views on the status and role of gas protection stations in enterprises according to relevant national standards:

first of all, we understand why we should set up the organization of gas protection stations

article 12.2 of the gas safety regulations for industrial enterprises GB stipulates that every enterprise that produces, supplies and uses gas should set up a gas protection station or gas protection group, equipped with necessary personnel, and establish an emergency rescue system

this clearly tells us that setting up gas protection stations is mandatory by law, not optional. The purpose of setting is to establish an emergency rescue system, whose main function is rescue

secondly, we need to understand the task of the gas protection station

"gas safety regulations for industrial enterprises" GB 12.2.2 stipulates:

1. Grasp the gas dynamics in the enterprise and do a good job in safety publicity; Organize and train protective personnel who are not out of work, and train gas professionals in a planned way; Organize technical exchange and business learning of protection personnel. Carry out various accident rescue drills regularly as planned

2. Regularly organize the inspection of gas equipment and its use. The gas can be tested after being fixed. The dangerous area can be regularly analyzed for the content of carbon monoxide and PHA artificial heart valve. When hidden dangers are found, Jinan gold testing plastic film tensile machine should timely put forward improvement measures to relevant units and urge them to solve them on time

3. Assist enterprise leaders to organize and carry out rescue work for gas poisoning

4. Participate in the design review of gas facilities and the completion acceptance and commissioning of new and reconstruction projects

5. Review the work plan of the operation with gas (including the maintenance of gas equipment, hot work welding during operation, etc.) proposed by each unit, strictly monitor and inspect the implementation process, timely put forward safety measures, and participate in the arrangement of special gas operations such as gas extraction and blocking blinds, nozzles, etc

the above provisions on the tasks of the gas protection station indicate that this organization is mainly responsible for the management of gas safety publicity, training, rescue, supervision and inspection, audit and check in the company. The positioning of the gas protection station is the functional management department of the company, not any production auxiliary unit

third, let's see what the right of the gas protection station is

gb article 12.2.3 stipulates that the gas protection station exercises the following rights under the leadership of the enterprise safety department:

1. It has the right to put forward safety instructions for the safe use of gas and the protection of toxic gases

2. Have the right to stop dangerous work in violation of gas safety regulations, but report to the person in charge of the unit in time

3. The maintenance and hot work of gas equipment can be carried out only after the gas protection station issues a permit

the provisions of the above powers further illustrate the status of the gas protection station, which belongs to the supervision and management department in the company

finally, let's take a look at the configuration of gas protection station facilities. GB 12.2.4 stipulates:

1. The gas protection station should be located near the gas generating device or in the center of the distribution of gas equipment and in a convenient place. Gas protection personnel should be concentrated in areas close to the factory

2. The gas protection station should be set up for gas first aid

3. The oxygen filling chamber shall comply with the relevant provisions of gb16912

4. The gas protection station should be equipped with respirators, ventilated gas masks, filling devices, universal detectors, automatic sustenance devices, isolated self rescuers, stretchers, various toxic gas analyzers, explosion-proof detectors and other facilities for dangerous operations and rescue (such as intercom), and should be equipped with ambulances and work vehicles, and should strengthen maintenance to keep them in good condition

the provisions on the configuration of gas protection station facilities further clarify that its function is in the safety supervision and management of gas, the prevention and rescue of gas accidents. This is a regulation given by the state in the name of law. It's not the one who thought of it. It's a requirement that we must implement it seriously, otherwise it's illegal

through the study of industrial gas safety regulations, we should have a certain understanding of gas protection stations. In other words, under the leadership of the company's safety management department, the gas protection station performs gas safety supervision and management and undertakes rescue responsibilities on behalf of the company. It is a company level safety management department, which is essentially different from the gas group of the power operation unit

some of us, due to lack of learning and stale concepts, confuse the gas group of the operation unit with the gas protection station of the safety management department, and impose the responsibility of the gas group of the power operation unit on the gas protection station when dividing business and arranging work. Some companies even assign the gas protection station to the power plant (or workshop) and return it to the power plant (or workshop) for management. Is it reasonable for a production auxiliary unit to manage a company level safety management department in terms of organizational structure? Isn't this putting the cart before the horse. It is not a joke for the managed unit to manage a management unit. But such a ridiculous thing is still considered reasonable by some companies

the company's management system can operate normally and effectively. Jinan experimental machine factory of Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. sincerely welcomes you. The author believes that one of the important things is to straighten out the management process, clarify the responsibilities of each department, and achieve their respective duties and responsibilities. I hope the above strange phenomena don't appear again

safety and Environment Department of Jilin Xinda iron and Steel Co., Ltd.

Wang Yajun

May 22, 2015

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