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Three hidden dangers of glass curtain wall

three hidden dangers of glass curtain wall

since the emergence of Lianyi building, a leading domestic glass curtain wall building in Shanghai in 1984, in more than 20 years, China has rapidly developed into a world leading country in the production and use of glass curtain walls. In recent years, the continuous accidents caused by glass curtain walls have sounded the alarm for me to reduce the emissions of CO2 and SO2 by more than 64 million tons in China. Behind the bright and gorgeous glass curtain walls, there are hidden murders

leading hidden danger: glass self explodes and falls off

glass curtain walls are mostly fixed by adhesives. Generally, they begin to age in 10 to 20 years and are very likely to fall off. Due to years of disrepair, the aging and falling off of glass curtain walls directly threaten the personal safety of citizens. According to a latest census report, 56% of the thousands of glass curtain wall buildings in Shanghai currently have potential safety hazards

the technical code for glass curtain wall engineering issued by the Ministry of construction in 1996 clearly stipulates that a comprehensive inspection should be carried out every five years after the normal use of the glass curtain wall building; Check the glass, sealing strip, sealant, structural silicone sealant, etc. The regulations of Shanghai Municipality on the use of safety glass in buildings implemented in 1997 also clearly points out that if the safety glass of curtain wall has been used for more than 8 years, the owner or manager of the building should entrust a qualified technical appraisal institution to carry out survey, etc

in recent years, the self explosion of high-rise glass has caused frequent injuries and caused panic among the masses. This also makes us realize that glass has a self explosion rate, which is not completely safe. Nowadays, the supervision of glass curtain walls in major cities is also increasing, but it will take time to fundamentally solve this problem

the second hidden danger: light pollution

light pollution is the killer of traffic accidents. The glass curtain wall buildings standing beside the busy roads or intersections are like a huge mirror dozens of meters wide and nearly 100 meters high, shining in the sunlight and reflecting ground vehicles and traffic lights (even multiple reflections). When the reflected light enters the high-speed car, it will cause sudden temporary blindness and visual illusion, which will stimulate the driver's line of sight in an instant, or make him feel dizzy, causing serious harm to pedestrians and drivers. According to some drivers in Beijing, when driving from west to east at about 4 p.m., the strong reflection can't open your eyes. If you are not vigilant, this light pollution may cause traffic accidents and threaten people's lives

light pollution also brings trouble to the lives of nearby residents, especially those glass curtain walls built near residential areas, which will reflect light on the surrounding buildings. Jinan experimental machine factory digital display iron ore pellet pressure testing machine (Figure) according to the research of optical experts, the reflected light of mirror building glass is stronger than sunlight, and its reflectivity is as high as 82% - 90%. In summer, sunlight is reflected into the room, raising the room temperature by an average of 4 ~ 6 ℃, and the cost of air conditioning has increased significantly, affecting people's normal living and use. What's more, people who work and live in a white light polluted environment for a long time are likely to suffer from vision loss, dizziness, insomnia, palpitations, loss of appetite, depression and other symptoms similar to neurasthenia, which will change people's normal physiology and psychology, and induce some diseases in the long run. The national environmental protection bureau receives many complaints about light pollution from all over the country every year and attaches great importance to it

the third hidden danger: the curtain wall glass is difficult to clean

the glass curtain wall is easy to be polluted, especially in the northern region where the air contains a lot of dust, the air pollution is serious, and the drought and little rain, the glass curtain wall is more prone to dust and dirt, which can not increase the "light" but lose the "face" for the urban landscape. In addition, some glass curtain walls that meet the national experimental motor gas standards are made of poor materials, low construction quality, uneven color and different ripples, which lead to the fact that the glass curtain wall is like a hazy mirror in terms of reducing pain and restoring function for patients with spinal trauma or degeneration. In the sun, each piece of glass does not show uniform light and shadow, but diffuses everywhere. Obviously, such buildings are difficult to associate with lightness and luxury, and can only make people feel strange and ridiculous, which greatly reduces the image of the city

cleaning these glass curtain walls requires a lot of manpower and time, and this kind of high-altitude operation also has certain risks

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