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Discussion on the process of coating photosensitive glue in the production of silk screen printing plate

I. preface

the production of silk screen printing plate is the first process of silk screen printing process, and the link of coating photosensitive glue in the production of silk screen printing plate is very important. For example, the thickness of the coating and the uniformity of the force all determine the production quality of the silk screen printing plate, and the production quality of the plate determines the quality of fabric printing. Therefore, taking htyg S-type water-soluble diazo photosensitive adhesive as an example, the process of coating photosensitive adhesive is discussed as follows:

II. Experimental part

2.1 experimental supplies

a stretched silk plate (30cm*30cm); Htyg-s water soluble diazo photosensitive adhesive and htyg-sm diazo photosensitive agent; Glue applicator length (29cm); Brown bottle

2.2 prepare photosensitive adhesive

htyg-s water-soluble nitrogen generating photosensitive adhesive. Before coating on the plate, the main tip is first prepared with htyg-sm nitrogen generating photosensitive agent. The formula and operation process are as follows:

htyg-s water-soluble diazo photosensitive adhesive: 1000g

htyg-sm diazo photosensitive agent: 10g

distilled water (30~40 ℃): 50ml

dissolve 10g photosensitive agent with 30ml distilled water, and then use 300 mesh silk after the photosensitive agent is fully dissolved.Filtration, Rinse the bottle with the remaining 15 ml of distilled water, and the combined logistics department will pour the dissolved photosensitizer solution into 1000 g of htyg-s water-soluble diazo sensitive glue, stir it evenly with a glass rod clockwise, stand still for 24 hours, and use it after eliminating bubbles

note: if there is no distilled water, choose soft water with good water quality

2 is manifested in: 1. The innovation ability and technology development ability are relatively weak; 2. The production capacity is small. 3 when coating photosensitive glue, first place the wire frame at an angle of 85 degrees to the horizontal plane, fix it with a clip, and then pour the photosensitive glue into the glue dispenser, with the glue amount accounting for 2/3 of the volume of the glue dispenser. Level the glue applicator. The mouth of the glue applicator must be full of glue and close to the wire. As soon as the glue liquid contacts the wire, the glue applicator will move and scrape from bottom to top by hand

evenly scrape the front and back sides twice. Then put it into the oven for drying

note: it can be completed in sequence after one setting: the rectifier coating process is carried out under the yellow light

III. problems needing attention in coating photosensitive adhesive

1. When coating photosensitive adhesive, the glue application speed should not be too slow, so as to avoid local thickness and uneven glue surface

This is mostly difficult or impossible for the existing injection molding technology

2. Do not apply too much force when applying glue, because too much force will make the surface glue film too thin and reduce the printing strength

in order to make a high-quality screen printing plate, the operation process must be strictly implemented when coating photosensitive adhesive, so as to make a high-quality screen printing plate

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