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The circulating water system of our iron making plant mainly includes blast furnace circulating water system, blower boiler circulating water system, slag flushing water treatment system, sintering circulating water system, water supply and drainage pipe, etc. The circulating water of blast furnace is the blood of blast furnace. The safe and smooth operation of blast furnace cannot be guaranteed without the stable operation of water system equipment. If the power failure or sudden equipment accident is not handled in time, the measures are not effective, and the standby equipment is not in good condition, it will directly affect the production, cause the blast furnace to shut down, and even cause major equipment accidents, with unimaginable consequences. I know that it is important to be responsible for the safe operation of water system equipment, and I will treat my work with a high sense of ownership. Formulate and strictly implement a perfect equipment management system, improve the hearts and operating skills of post operators, and manage the water system equipment well

After the blast furnace water system equipment was put into operation, many unreasonable places have been improved, some major hidden dangers have been eliminated, and the equipment operation is basically stable At present, the following main problems need to be improved and improved:

1. The automatic control system of the pressure water replenishment device of the desalting and sealing system of the blast furnace is not perfect, and the automatic water replenishment through the water level control system of the expansion tank cannot be realized, which is not conducive to the stability of the system pressure, and the operation of the system is difficult when replacing water. It needs to be improved as soon as possible to meet the design requirements

2. The blast furnace clean ring high-pressure pump set is the key equipment to supply water to the small set of blast furnace tuyere. Due to the high pressure of the water pump, it is difficult to switch the outlet manual valve when reversing the pump, which poses a threat to production. It is recommended to install an electric butterfly valve to facilitate operation and maintenance. In case of emergency, it can be remotely controlled to quickly restore normal water supply

3. It is recommended to install a water pump fault alarm device in the water supply system that has a significant impact on production in each water pump room, so as to avoid the failure to detect equipment faults in time due to careless post operation and make rapid treatment, which will affect production, causing innovative technology to subvert the conventional performance of 3D printing materials

4. The South and North tapholes of the blast furnace water slag flushing system have special institutions to follow up in time from incubation, small-scale test, pilot test and mass production. A manual butterfly valve should be installed in front of the electric butterfly valve in the slag flushing ditch, so as to prevent the failure of the electric butterfly valve and the impact on the normal slag flushing of the blast furnace

5. There are no retaining walls on the East and west sides of the cooling tower pool in the blower and water pump room. When the cooling fan does not need to be turned on in winter, the water flows out of the pool, causing a large area of ice It is suggested to add retaining walls or shutters on both sides of the pool to avoid freezing of running water and prevent debris from entering the pool

6. For some indicators of water quality test of each circulating water system are unqualified, it is necessary to take measures such as dosing, filtration and water change under the guidance of the water treatment agent manufacturer to make the water quality meet the use requirements as soon as possible to prevent scaling, blockage and corrosion. For the circulating water of stainless steel heat exchange equipment, it is necessary to strictly control the chloride ion index of low volatility and allowable emission

7. Due to the inadequate supervision and inspection during the construction of each unit, some drainage wells are buried, blocked or construction errors are caused. It is necessary to check the drawings and solve them gradually in combination with the construction unit. And revise the water supply and drainage pipe drawing again

in order to better manage and maintain the equipment of the blast furnace water system and meet the water supply requirements of blast furnace production to the greatest extent, it is suggested to formulate measures from the following aspects:

first, strengthen post skill training and improve emergency handling capacity:

1. All departments should take various measures to strengthen the training of employees' safe operation skills. Strengthen the education of employees' post consciousness, understand the importance of the post, and how serious the consequences will be in case of an accident. Clarify the job responsibilities and strictly implement the operating procedures

2. Strengthen the drill of post emergency plan and improve the emergency handling ability of sudden accidents. Sudden power outages and equipment accidents can be handled correctly in the shortest time. The diesel engine emergency pump is started once a week, and the problems found are handled in time, so that it can always operate normally

II. Implement the equipment management mode of full-time production and maintenance

an equipment management system combining the daily spot inspection of post operators, the patrol inspection of regional charter points of maintenance personnel, and the regular spot inspection and precision spot inspection of full-time personnel of the equipment engineering department. Effectively prevent accidents, avoid accidents caused by human factors, reduce sudden accidents, keep the equipment in a controlled state, ensure the smooth progress of production, reduce equipment maintenance costs, and improve economic benefits. Take water system equipment management as an example

(I) daily spot inspection of water pump operators

1. The post operators should be familiar with the safety technical operation procedures of the post and undertake the daily work of equipment cleaning, fastening, lubrication and so on. Rely on "five senses" to carry out spot inspection of equipment, Find all kinds of abnormal phenomena in time, such as "vibration, abnormal sound, heating, looseness, damage, corrosion, peculiar smell, leakage, etc." be responsible for the daily spot inspection of all equipment in the current shift. Strictly implement the equipment spot inspection standards, carefully fill in the operation records and spot inspection records, timely report any problems found, and notify the maintenance personnel to recover as soon as possible. If they can't be handled, they should report to the superior leaders. Make records and shift handover work

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