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Electronic frontline Foundation: PNO added after androidwi

android 3.1 will take the initiative to scan the background of known Wi Fi networks that have been connected to speed up network connection, but it also broadcasts these information to the public, such as the names of various Wi Fi networks, such as home network, company network, network on a specific occasion or specific airport network. Up to 15 can be displayed, so that people who want to eavesdrop can track where users go

the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), which is committed to protecting consumers' rights, has warned that the supply and demand of bulk commodities in and4 quarter further weakened, and the Android platform has a function of leaking the Wi Fi network that users have connected, thus exposing the whereabouts of users

what makes the whereabouts of Android users exposed is the preferred network offload (PNO) function on the Android platform. This function exists in versions after Android 3.1 (honeycomb), enabling Android devices to establish or maintain Wi Fi links when the battery is low or the screen is turned off. Since Wi Fi transmission consumes less power than mobile data transmission and is usually free to use, this feature will extend battery life and reduce mobile data transmission

eff indicates that they have found this problem in many devices using Android 3.1 and above, allowing them to view the list of Wi Fi networks connected to the device, which presents an accurate user location history

google has fixed this vulnerability after receiving the notice from EFF, but it is not sure when it can be deployed to all Android devices. Therefore, eff suggests that Android users can temporarily turn off the function of enabling Wi Fi to operate in hibernation

in fact, in addition to Android, other platforms also face the same problems. However, eff points out that Android devices currently have the highest risk of privacy leakage for various reasons

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