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Evaluation: TCL intelligent air purifier tkj308f

tell me how I feel about using this TCL intelligent air purifier tkj308f-a1 to remove formaldehyde haze PM2.5 in my home bedroom:

the appearance is very beautiful, and the high-end atmosphere of the local tyrant is high-grade, but I don't know the effect of removing formaldehyde, so I can't do experiments, However, the salt spray test can still enable the patient to turn red immediately after lighting a cigarette near the purifier while the bone heals, and then return to the blue state. I just don't know whether it has any effect on PM2.5 and formaldehyde. Let's try to comfort ourselves? I still think it's very good Expand data processing to view detailed AC220V more evaluation

tcl intelligent air purifier tkj308f-a1 household specification parameters [View official promotion quotation]

Product Name: TCL tkj308f-a1

brand: tcl

model: tkj308f-a1

noise: db

control method: touch

intelligent type: alixiaozhi

maximum noise: 65db

Test Report No.: jkk

filter type: composite filter

formaldehyde Cadr value: 65.2m3/h

formaldehyde CCM value: F2 (600 ≤ m 1000)

air purification energy efficiency grade: qualified

product No.: tkj308f-a102

particle Cadr value: 332.8 m3/h

particle CCM value: P4 (12000 ≤ m)

color classification: white

air volume: 308 m3/h

applicable area: 21m^2 (included) -30m^2 (included)

function: regular VOC removal, pollen removal, particulate matter removal, formaldehyde removal, smoke removal, sterilization, humidification and oxygenation

working principle: activated carbon anion HEPA technology photocatalyst

air purification product category: air purifier

air volume: m3/h

power supply mode: AC power

after sales service: National Joint guarantee

applicable object: home bedroom office

air purifier air volume: m3/h

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