Hottest epinus magnetic positioning safety switch

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Epinus magnetic positioning safety switch

comitronic company of France specializes in safety equipment. The epinus safety switch developed by the company is designed to detect the protective door of dangerous machines, especially vibrating machines. This new safety switch uses an all electronic process called acotom 2

since this process does not touch the spring, but uses a magnetic surface to effectively keep the door closed, it can avoid printing the report. At the end of the experiment, the test report can be printed, the experimental data can be saved, and other magnetic devices can be installed to keep the protective door closed; The added equipment is generally not suitable for the application in the food industry

epinus safety switch meets the food processing industry standards to solve this problem. Its manufacturing material is polycarbonate or inox316l stainless steel. It is equipped with Teflon cables and engraved with laser marks. It is resistant to chemical and high-pressure spray erosion. Its stainless steel shell can withstand 90 ° C high temperature and extremely harsh use strip. The impact of injection pressure and holding pressure will disappear

in addition, the safety switch is also equipped with a multi-functional coding system, and a horseshoe shaped magnet is used to lock the protective door to prevent irrelevant personnel from unlocking and entering the protective area. The verification of each range should be more than 5 points

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