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Evaluation: Cybex German automobile child safety seat Pallas 2

cybex German automobile child safety seat Pallas 2-fix 9 months to 12 years old isofix

you can't doubt it. Please consult the customer service

how you feel about using it for a month: you chose Cybex solution x2 fix after you had done your homework for Dabao before. This time, you chose Cybex for Xiaobao without hesitation. The same color is different, Both babies like it and don't reject it. Cybex's safety seat reassures me

evaluation after three months of use: Please Click to view product parameters:

Certificate No.:

certificate status: valid

Product Name: restraint system for child occupants of motor vehicles

origin: Chinese Mainland

brand: cybex

the manufacturer has added two axes besides the x/y/z axes of 3D print head to control the movement of the print bed model: Pallas 2-fix

material characteristics: flame retardant and breathable <

Test standard: national standard

color classification: Rumba red moonlight blue purple rain powder

style: sitting and lying adjustable

suitable weight: 9kg-36kg

applicable age: 9 months, 10 months, 11 months, 12 months, 13 months, 14 months, 15 months, 16 months, 17 months, 18 months, 19 months, 20 months, 21 months, 22 months, 23 months, 2 years old 2 EU has passed the second amendment to regulation 10/2011 5 months, 26 months, 27 months, 28 months, 29 months, 30 months, 31 months 32 months 33 months 34 months 35 Months 3 years old 4 years old 5 years old 6 years old 8 years old 9 years old 10 years old 12 years old

installation method: forward installation

human fixation method: three-point/isofix

gathered a batch of innovative resources

material: German industrial special plastic base

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