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Experts talk about the economic situation: China's economy has entered a critical stage. On Saturday and Sunday, several important economic forums were held one after another. The current economic situation, excess liquidity and the related RMB appreciation have become the focus of the forums. The newspaper went to different places to record the wonderful views of experts and scholars and their different voices on some key issues for you

"at present, China's economic and social development has entered a critical stage, facing unprecedented opportunities and challenges." At the "3rd Tianheng Island Forum of 50 Chinese economic leaders" held on July 28, the participating experts discussed the "major topics that China needs to study in the next decade", and believed that the research on some major issues should be started as soon as possible and considered from a long-term perspective

monetary policy is not omnipotent

the Institute of finance of the Academy of social sciences has achieved its due success through the above tension and pressure sensor (5) opal. Li Yang believes that in the next decade, there are eight major issues that need close attention and practical breakthroughs, including the need to further develop the capital market; Constructing a scientific and unified macro-control framework; Fair income and supporting chemical products will also usher in more development opportunities. Distribution should be one of the core issues to be considered; To strengthen the coordination of financial supervision; To strengthen the coordination of fiscal policy and monetary policy; The current monetary policy needs to be adjusted; There should be a new way of thinking about the development direction of the real estate industry; We should pay full attention to the new problems that have arisen in the process of opening up China's economy

he stressed that at present, financial supervision is uncoordinated, resulting in three problems: the first is excessive supervision, "now the regulators are already miserable"; The second is the vacuum of supervision, many places that should be supervised are not supervised; The third is the regulatory conflict. Different departments have different regulatory ideas, different starting points and different problems they want to solve, which leads to "a thousand lines above and a needle at the bottom", and the market is struggling to cope

he proposed that the regulatory principles, systems, standards, procedures, technologies and methods of various regulatory authorities should be coordinated as soon as possible, and the most important thing is to promote the information unification among financial departments as soon as possible

as for the current monetary policy, Li Yang pointed out that the expectation of monetary policy should not be too high, and monetary policy is not omnipotent. "At present, the road of relying on monetary policy for regulation and control has come to an end." In the adjustment of monetary policy, we should more clearly define the objectives of regulation, speed up the reform of existing policy tools, and further improve the transparency, openness and credibility of monetary policy

developing the land market and land transactions

the land issue has become one of the focuses of great attention of many experts. They agreed that properly solving the land issue is the key to China's future economic development and social progress

zhangshuguang, chairman of the academic committee of Beijing Tianze Institute of economics, pointed out that the key to China's land problem lies in the fact that China's land system is a binary power system. To fundamentally solve the land problem, we must develop the land market and land transactions

shixiaomin, vice president of the China Economic System Reform Research Association, said that the competition for the annual land value-added income of 1 trillion to 2 trillion has caused many corruption and other problems. How to change this situation? He said that if real progress is made in the reform of land value-added tax, property tax, resource tax and other aspects, the annual income to local governments can reach about onetrillion to twotrillion yuan. With these incomes at the bottom, the enthusiasm of local governments, especially county-level governments, in developing enterprises and development zones will be greatly weakened, and it is possible to focus on education, health care, public security, environmental protection, social security, etc., which will greatly promote the transformation of the government

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