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Only by living in peace and contentment can we work happily. The safety of houses is related to thousands of families. At the end of last month, after three deliberations, the "Nanjing housing safety management regulations" was adopted by a high vote at the 34th meeting of the Standing Committee of the 15th Nanjing Municipal People's Congress. How to deal with the brutal decoration of the neighbor "Huang sledgehammer", under what circumstances should the safety appraisal of the house be carried out, and how to maintain and manage the safety of the building curtain wall... In view of these problems, the regulations have new provisions

to ensure the quality of legislation, the draft regulations were reviewed three times

it is understood that Nanjing accepts more than 3000 housing safety complaints every year, and there are currently more than 2000 cases on file, some of which have a greater impact. As early as 2006, the Standing Committee of Nanjing Municipal People's Congress formulated the "Nanjing urban housing safety management regulations". With the development of economy and society, the original regulations can no longer effectively meet the current and future development needs of housing safety management, and need to be revised. To this end, the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress will include the comprehensive revision of the original regulations in the 2016 legislative plan. In order to ensure the quality of legislation, the draft regulations were reviewed three times

"the biggest difficulty in amending the regulations this time is the scope of application of the regulations." A staff member of the Municipal People's Congress organ who participated in the legislation told reporters that in the end, the scope of application of the regulations was determined to be "the safety management of houses that have been put into use in the administrative region of the city", realizing the expansion of the scope of management to rural houses. The city's housing safety management system was clarified, which made up for the blank of the upper law, clarified the responsibility of safety management, and solved historical problems

rural housing has its particularity in approval, construction, use and so on. Strengthening the safety management of rural housing should not simply apply the urban housing management mode. To this end, the regulations will be planning, construction, design and other aspects of source management into the norms, and gradually promote, enhance operability

"yellow sledgehammer" willful decoration, may be fined 50000 to 100000 yuan

facing the brutal decoration of the neighbor "yellow sledgehammer", many citizens are helpless. The relevant person in charge of the Legislative Affairs Committee of the Municipal People's Congress said that the regulations issued this time support the rights protection of the people, and stipulate that the housing management department should establish a complaint reporting reward system and make it public to the public. The real name complaints and reports shall be replied within a limited time. If the complaints and reports are true, rewards shall be given in accordance with the regulations

according to the regulations, it is forbidden to demolish and modify the main load-bearing components of the house, take anti-seismic measures, take fire prevention measures, and increase the load hazards beyond the design standards or may endanger the safety of the house structure. It is clear that the owner of the house is the person responsible for the safety of the house. After the implementation of the regulations, if the owner of the house continues to believe that "his house can be decorated as he wants", he will not only correct within a time limit, but also face a fine of 50000 to 100000 yuan if he illegally implements the prohibited behavior or implements the behavior affecting the safety of the house without going through the relevant licensing procedures. If the owner of the house refuses to rectify due to rough decoration, it will also be included in the social credit information management system

houses in three situations, The regulations on safety appraisal that should be entrusted stipulates three situations in which the person responsible for the safety of house use should entrust safety appraisal: "If the foundation or structural members still need to be used after obvious subsidence, cracks, deformation, damage, corrosion and other abnormal conditions occur; if they reach the design service life, they should continue to be used; if the houses in crowded places such as stations, shopping malls, hospitals reach two-thirds of the design service life, safety appraisal should be carried out at least every five years.". At the same time, the regulation stipulates in detail the application and disposal of the appraisal results. According to the logical sequence of applying for appraisal - forming a conclusion - disposal according to the conclusion, if the building is identified as dangerous, an appraisal report should be issued according to the appraisal conclusion, and it should be classified according to the four situations of observation and use, disposal and use, cessation of use, and overall demolition

the appraisal conclusion of the housing safety appraisal unit is the basis for identifying the housing safety situation, and also the basis for the person in charge of housing safety to deal with the housing. We must ensure that the conclusion is objective and true. Therefore, the regulations specify in detail the conditions and qualifications that units engaged in housing safety appraisal in this city should have, establish a directory of housing safety appraisal units, and stipulate in the legal liability that if the appraisal unit provides a false appraisal report, the municipal administrative department of housing safety shall confiscate the illegal income and may impose a fine of not less than 50000 yuan but not more than 100000 yuan; If economic losses are caused, it shall be liable for compensation according to law; If a crime is constituted, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law

building curtain walls organize safety hazard investigation every five years

in recent years, building curtain walls have been widely used in some building projects in our city because of aesthetic needs. However, some building curtain walls have problems such as unreasonable design and structure, insufficient construction standards, inadequate use and maintenance, resulting in problems such as glass self explosion, stone falling off, light pollution, etc. during construction or use, As a new hidden danger of urban public safety, curtain wall safety management is the practical need of housing safety management

according to the relevant staff of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress, the regulations have made special provisions on the safety management of building curtain walls. The regulation stipulates that the warranty period of building curtain wall works shall not be less than three years. Within the warranty period of the building curtain wall, the construction unit shall bear the warranty responsibility according to law. The owner of the building curtain wall shall be responsible for the safety maintenance of the curtain wall. The building is jointly owned by many people, and the owner is the safety maintainer of the building curtain wall. From the date of the completion acceptance of the building curtain wall and its delivery for use, the hidden danger investigation shall be organized every five years; If the curtain wall is used for ten years, the safety performance inspection and evaluation shall be carried out within half a year after the expiration, and every three years thereafter

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