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On the afternoon of July 6, the summary and award ceremony of the staff skill competition of farebo Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. was held in the company's conference room. The Secretary of the Party committee, executive deputy general manager, deputy secretary of the Party committee, chairman of the labor union, deputy general manager and contestants participating in the competition attended the meeting

the chairman of the trade union summarized the competition activities. He said: the competition activities were specifically responsible by the trade union and the human resources department. The preparation began on May 19 and ended on July 3. It took one and a half months for the finals. At six match points in three competition areas, the actual operation and theoretical examination competitions of 8 rounds of trials, preliminaries and finals were held, using 34 sets of equipment, a large number of tools (measuring instruments) and more than 26000 yuan of funds. Nearly 80 people from four types of work, including lathe workers, milling workers, fitters and draftsmen, entered the competition, 23 people participated in the finals, and 10 people won the ranking, which played a role in stimulating employees to learn and practice technology, enhanced employees' awareness of mastering technology, and improved employees' skill level. From the perspective of this competition, first, the staff carefully planned and coordinated, all departments worked closely together, and all competition areas carefully organized and implemented, which provided a guarantee for the smooth progress of the competition. The staff took great pains to make questions, prepare materials for training, and provide scheduling services, all of which were thoughtful and detailed; The second is to verify that the staff skill competition is popular among the staff and is an effective form of learning and training technology with obvious incentive effect. Many employees exchange skills in their spare time, observe and learn from each other, and summarize their experience, which is difficult to see at ordinary times; Third, through the competition activities, we found the deficiencies of employees in basic skills and technical training, which is conducive to targeted improvement

after the leaders of the company issued the honorary certificate to the contestants who won the competition ranking, Yao QunHai spoke on behalf of the leaders of the company. He affirmed the role of the competition activities, emphasized the significance of employees' learning and training technology, and required that employees should not relax learning and training technology while doing their own work well, and should form a strong atmosphere of learning and training post technology, improve the technical quality of the staff team, so as to enhance the competitiveness of the company in the market

the meeting was successfully concluded in a warm atmosphere of awarding prizes to the winners





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