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In the peak decoration season, Xiangyang Kefan customized products that bring great benefits to consumers and customers and quality assurance

during the peak decoration season, Xiangyang Kefan customized products that brought great benefits to consumer customers and quality assurance. During the event, the stores were crowded every day, and every weekend was a great occasion. Every day, the elites stuck to their posts, patiently served the vast number of customers who came to consult, and provided thoughtful customized solutions for the whole house

the designer makes reasonable planning and integrated design of the whole house for users, and solves the customization pain points of simple patchwork and inconsistent styles caused by their own collocation and design. Xiangyang Kefan whole house package can be customized with more products and stronger customization; Compared with the pricing of projected area per square meter (such as XXX yuan/㎡), the package price is more affordable

during the event, seven good gifts were presented. The special package was 2999 yuan/set for special wardrobe, 7999 yuan/set for five piece fashionable space, 18 ㎡ total projection area of double decorative panels for customized cabinet products in the whole room, 15800 yuan for free matching, 24600 yuan/set for whole room package check-in Golden Pig gifts are smashed constantly, free of single grand prize

in order to prepare for this event, Kefan headquarters' active marketing department took the initiative to help, from professional designer basic skills training to strengthening shopping guide skills training and pre job service training, all employees kept full of vitality at all times, actively cooperated and prepared for the event

it is this high spirited enthusiasm and momentum that helped Xiangyang Kefan win the war in April and submitted a satisfactory answer for this promotion. With the help of the star effect and the efforts of the team, Xiangyang Kefan has been fighting in the local market since 2016

the headquarters will launch preferential packages from time to time in combination with holiday spots to provide consumers with a full range of home customization services such as overall wardrobe, cabinet, tatami, bookcase, etc., to meet the needs of all age groups. In April, promotional activities were held in all regions of the country. Next, Kefan launched a full range of firepower to fight the terminal, and held different types of activities across the country. Kefan's market operation team went all out to help the terminal, constantly finding new methods and ideas to solve problems and puzzles for distributors, making the assistance more accurate and effective, and seeking common development and progress




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