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[Erica whole house customization] today's sharing is a 100 square meter simple style customization home. The whole space is mainly white, with soft furniture and furniture in wood color and gray added to create a relaxed and stylish space texture

the log colored storage cabinet is used as the visual porch at the entrance door, which can not only store but also keep the space clean and tidy. The restaurant and living room are built into an open space, which not only has the effect of visual expansion, but also is very practical

the whole living room space is simple and generous. The owner chose to abandon the TV cabinet and implement the simplicity to the end, which will not make the living room look empty, but increase the liquidity of the space and make people more relaxed

the niche design is adopted on one side of the TV background wall, and the black niche space is interspersed with the log Style TV background wall, making people feel more tasteful and style

the simple and generous black floor lamp, coupled with the solid wood tea table and the hand-painted elephant on the wall, makes the whole living room more relaxed and lighthearted against the backdrop of the retro carpet

the gray wall background wall and solid wood furniture are matched, which is simple and high-grade. The low-key color matching brings high-grade texture instead. The wood color of the furniture seems to bring nature into the home, natural and warm

high and low beds are selected in the children's room. The high and low beds with bottom storage space and cabinet stairs have enough storage space, which are practical and beautiful

there is also a desk of the same type on the side of the high and low bed. The hanging cabinet on the desk adds a little childlike fun to the space, and it is also convenient for children to take books and things when they go to bed

the design of the study space makes people feel comfortable and warm. Simple fabric sofas and carpets, and a white curtain on the French window make people feel at ease and relaxed in such an environment, whether working or resting




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