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With the improvement of the economy and people's living standards, citizens have higher and higher requirements for household goods. With the consumption of consumers, it has promoted the development momentum of China's household industry. With the fierce competition in the household industry, the current hot development of the Internet has taken advantage of the development of Online and offline wardrobe enterprises to seize the best opportunity. Wardrobe enterprises develop together online and offline! Dewell, the overall wardrobe brand in 2018

new media ushers in a new era

"Give me a fulcrum, and I can pry up the earth. The media has given the wardrobe enterprises a fulcrum, so they should develop at the speed of the enterprise. With the advent of the new media era, only by accelerating brand reform and integrating various media publicity channels, can the wardrobe enterprises establish brand advantages and create a strong brand for the wardrobe.

three steps for the online and offline development of the wardrobe.

the first is the website established by relying on the wardrobe stores in physical stores; the second is The first is to set up an online store for wardrobe products with its own manufacturers and certain well-known brands. On the one hand, it is to promote the brand, on the other hand, it is to increase a sales channel; The third category is that there are neither physical stores nor their own brands. They independently establish a website platform and establish mutual assistance and cooperation with some wardrobe brands to sell online. At present, the following three major modes are popular in wardrobe online shopping

development trend of wardrobe enterprises

with the rapid rise of the Internet, the huge charm and development prospects of the home market have also made wardrobe enterprises spring up in all walks of life. The new marketing model launched with the help of the Internet can not only excavate more potential customers and markets for wardrobe enterprises, but also carry out wardrobe enterprise image publicity and word-of-mouth shaping on a larger scale

looking at home stores and other traditional stores, traditional store marketing has caused a great impact under the hot rise of today's online market. As more and more people begin to get used to and rely on online shopping, the new market of online marketing shows vigorous vitality and broad market prospects. Only by keeping up with the general trend of social development, can wardrobe enterprises not be abandoned by the public

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