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Wood lacquer is more or less useful in home. After painting, the artifacts of logs can show all kinds of colors you want. Wood was originally harmless to home safety and health, but after painting, it's impossible to say

wood paint is more or less useful in home. After painting, the artifacts of logs can show all kinds of colors you want. Wood was originally harmless to home safety and health, but after painting, it's impossible to say. To identify whether wood paint is environmentally safe, the key is whether the paint is reassuring

Nippon Paint Ivy paint next, I will share some experience I collected during decoration here, which is absolutely useful ~

I. environmental protection performance. At present, health and environmental protection products are the preferred products of consumers. In the face of various certificates placed on the counter, how to identify health and environmental protection products. Experts remind consumers that with the standardization of packaging by the state, the packaging of health and environmental protection products has product marks that have passed the China environmental protection mark certification. The smell of paint has nothing to do with the benzene content. Benzene solvent is basically tasteless, but it is highly toxic. As the main component of paint, resin has a special pungent smell, but it is harmless to human body. Therefore, paint with low benzene content and resin content has a small smell, but it will affect human health

II. Sample. Each kind of wood paint is equipped with a corresponding template, so users can touch and have a look at the template when buying paint. Look at the toughness to avoid the troubles caused by the bumping of wood. Second, look at the hardness, scratch resistance, and the protective wood paint is old and new. Third, look at the transparency. The transparency is so good that you can see the original color of the wood and protect the wood from whitening. Fourth, it is resistant to yellowing. For the commonly used transparent varnish and white paint, it feels fine and smooth without yellowing, has uniform gloss, and the white paint is flawless and has high hiding power. For personalized solid color paint and special effect paint: crack paint, the texture is uniform, variable, scattered, and good color retention

III. package appearance and identification. Products produced by regular manufacturers such as jade lotus paint are not only beautifully packaged and distinctive, but also marked with the company name, address, production date, batch number, net content, quality paint, contact number and executive standards

fourth, look at the brand. When purchasing wood paint, please choose a brand with good reputation and high popularity. The price may be relatively high, but the quality and health performance are guaranteed. In order to prevent buying fake brand-name products, it is recommended to buy them in franchised stores, specialty stores and large building materials supermarkets of well-known brands

v. look at the service. Paint is only a semi-finished product. In order to obtain an ideal decoration effect, in addition to good product quality, good construction technology is also required. This requires manufacturers or businesses to provide more perfect services. Services usually include purchase guidance, cost accounting, technical consultation, construction guidance, rapid resolution of construction problems, and return visits after construction

VI. color and special process paint selection. For example, besides varnish, jade lotus paint also has transparent colored paint (highlighting wood texture, colorful, antique): matte red brown, matte chestnut, matte amber red, matte orange brown, matte dark pear, matte teal, matte mahogany, etc. Solid color paint (colorful, beautiful decorative effect, antifouling): Italian Yellow, Italian orange, Italian green, Italian green, Italian purple, grape color, apple color, Lily color, topaz, blue moon, etc. There are also solid color antique paint, imitation marble paint, imitation bark paint and other special effect paints to choose from

paint has a far greater impact on the human body than furniture. Think about the air you breathe every day, the wardrobe you touch every day, and the door &hellip& hellip; This is why professional wood lacquer such as jade lotus is becoming more and more popular. Originally, it is a small humble abode. If it is still a potential safety hazard of the living environment caused by the paint quality problem, it should be difficult to think about short life

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